Museum Rule!, KQED Arts

Watch a video about proper behavior at a museum

Arts Every Day: Now I'm Big

The students create a piggy back song using the anchor text Now I'm Big.

Created by Fremont kinder teachers. 


Arts Every Day: The Three Bears Blues

Balderas Kindergarten and 1st grade teachers created a lesson integrating ELA and music in the blues style.

Lesson Plan Attachment: 

Communication Round

This exercise is especially good for younger students practicing social skills or for English Learners of all ages.  Before I begin the lesson, it is important that the lesson should be demonstrated by using complete sentences for the questions and response.

- Set up students in a large circle (teachers can have a song cue that could put them in a specific order)

-Have students call out either X's or O's. Match each X, with the O on the inside.

-You will have one outer circle and one inner circle, X on outside O on inside.


Arts in My Classroom, FUSD Cohort 7, grade 2

I taught my students about the VAPA frameworks using puppets. 

By Jennifer Coull, FCOE 2014

Lesson Plan Attachment: 

Arts Every Day: Symmetry of a Butterfly, Grade K

Students use paint to show bilateral symmetry by creating butterflies.

Created by Jennifer Graveline and Paula Zaninovich, Fremont Elementary



Arts Every Day: The Art Lesson, Grade 2

Integrated Outcome: Students will be able to replicate a drawing from the story "The Art Lesson" from Theme 6 of HM. Students can also write about Tommy's feelings throughout the story.

Test used: Reading Anthology 2.2 second grade

Lesson written by: Maria S. Cortez 2nd grade teacher

Before reading the story, you can make a K-W-H-L chart with the students, ask text dependent questions after reading the story.

You can also plan a fieldtrip to a museum after reading the story and after talking about art and artists.


Lesson Plan Attachment: 

Arts Every Day: Narrative Reading - Upside Down Day

Children pantomimed the story "Upside Down Day" while I read it aloud.

Written by: Andrea Castro, Plainsburg Assests Program, Merced

Arts Every Day: Plant Perfect

What are the parts of plants and what jobs do they do?

Written by Megan Camarda and Cindi Ragus from Le Grand Elementary, April 2014

Learn Vocabulary:  pantomime, tableau, monologue, line, shape, medium

Learn plant parts, plant stages, and job of each plant part.

Performance art (PA) :Create and perform a scene that includes a pantomime, tableau, and monologue explaining the plant parts and the jobs.

Visual art (VA): Create a pictorial showing the stages of plant growth, and label the plant parts. Present pictorial to the group.

Lesson Plan Attachment: 

Arts Every Day: Recycle, Retool, Repurpose Contest, Merced

This project is designed for an afterschool program that is grades 1st - 5th.  It was designed to incorporate our monthly theme of Recycling.


*Additional materials will be uploaded soon.  

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