How to Find Good Thesis Topics: 45 Outstanding Ideas

Writing a thesis is part of the partial fulfillment of every academic study. These are mainly extended academic essays written by postgraduate students. While writing a thesis is seen as challenging, the process starts with choosing a topic. With the best thesis topic, the stress of writing a thesis is drastically reduced.

Your thesis topic should be informative, interesting, unique, and relevant to the field of your study. However, the struggle to write a thesis begins for many students at the topic-choosing stage. Here, many students struggle with coming up with topics that meet the criteria.

Once you’ve chosen a good thesis topic, it reduces the burden of writing the thesis. Below are a few thesis topic ideas and tips to guide your research process.

How to choose a thesis topic

When you are choosing a thesis topic, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. List out relevant topics

Before you finally land on that topic that will serve as your research thesis topic, list interest topics. List three to five topics, and conduct brief research to test their potency. After research, sieve through them and select the one that matches your interest and has research potential.

  1. Choose a topic of interest

Avoid choosing any topic just because it sounds good. Writing a thesis is a tedious process, and the blow is lessened when you’re writing about something you are interested in. That’s the reason topics are not imposed on students. Students are free to come up with something they are interested in and have solid grounds.

Your topic should either be something you already know and want to write about or something you want to know about but have limited knowledge in the area. Whichever way, the interest has to be there.

  1. Seek opinion & advice

After you’ve selected possible thesis topics, seek the opinion of either your colleagues or faculty members. Ask people questions about your research topic. We often get a better perspective on a topic when others share their insights. Avoid keeping your topic ideas to yourself; others’ opinions help you develop a rich thesis topic.

  1. Choose topics with available materials

Choosing a topic with no available research material affects the flow of your research. To avoid spending a long time trying to finish your thesis, look for topics with available source information to support them.

Thesis title examples to guide your topic selection process

The below topics will help you develop some ideas for your research topic.

Architecture thesis topics for graduate students

  1. The importance of affordable and sustainable housing plans in developing countries
  2. Gentrification and its lasting effect on communities
  3. The role of architects in developing affordable housing
  4. Urban redevelopment: The positive and negative impacts of “slum” project
  5. How gentrification affects sustainable living goals
  6. The growth of real estate investment and how it drives up the cost of housing
  7. Investment housing and the rise of high-rent prices in residential areas
  8. Improvement of rural housing and how government can participate in the project
  9. The importance of free shelter homes for homeless people

Interesting criminal justice thesis topics for research

  1. The role of gender biases in legal investigations
  2. The carceral system and how it propagates mental health crisis
  3. Wrongful incarceration systems and their target toward minority people
  4. The importance of restorative justice for youths and law offenders
  5. How restorative justice can be effectively practiced within a society
  6. Organized crime and how it’s propagated by poverty
  7. How criminal justice agencies can play roles in improving restorative justice
  8. The jury system and its impact on criminal justice
  9. A study on the law enforcement agency and racial profiling in crime

Easy history thesis topics for students

  1. A study of the Vietnam anti-war protests
  2. How the significant depression era impacted the 1920s and 1930s
  3. The bubble and factors that led to it
  4. A study of the rise of slavery and colonialism in Africa
  5. Historical events that shaped the women’s suffrage movements
  6. A study of the feminist perspective of the women’s suffragette movement
  7. A study of the rise and early days of the second wave feminism
  8. A study of the medieval era and literature that grew within that period
  9. The romantic era in Europe and how it informed Charles Dickens literature

Good philosophy thesis topics to consider

  1. A study of the concept of existence
  2. Study of philosophical ideas that emerged in the 16th century
  3. Political history as an ideological and philosophical concept
  4. A study of human philosophy
  5. The role of Aristotle in modern philosophy
  6. A study of ancient and modern philosophy – Comparing the ideas and perspectives
  7. A study of the Plato school of thought
  8. A study of Karl Marx’s “Communist Manifesto.”
  9. The idea of Bourgeoisie and Proletariat and how it informs societal living

Some political science thesis topics for research writing

  1. A study of the civil war, its causes, and its impact on the nations involved
  2. A look into the Russian-Ukrainian war
  3. The foreign policy and the United States
  4. Comparative study of political and armed conflict
  5. How Cold wars result in armed wars
  6. Religion as a social power
  7. A study of criminal pardon and its effectiveness
  8. Importance of checks and balances in government
  9. A case study of the electoral college and their political importance


Preparing a thesis topic is tasking. But the above topics and tips are of great benefit to aid your topic selection process.

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