Guide to Choosing a Topic for Dissertation in Education

Dissertations are a prerequisite for completing any Master and Doctorate programs. It’s an extended academic paper that focuses on a student’s area of interest. Students are expected to develop something unique, engaging, and educational. However, dissertations are required to be new research areas not previously researched.

Writing a dissertation is necessary to gain your Doctor of Education qualification. Here’s where most doctorate students develop issues—developing a topic that narrows their study interest. Students in this field are expected to submit an education dissertation proposal in their area of study and interest, which they will work on throughout their Ph.D. program.

So, how do you develop topics for a dissertation on education that matches your field of interest? This article outlines helpful tips to guide your topic in choosing stage and idea dissertation topics for education students.

Guides to selecting a dissertation topic for PhD students

Your dissertation topic can make or mark your research. Choosing the right topic makes the research and writing process easy for you and lessens the amount of work you need. Here’s how you can choose a suitable topic.

  1. Brainstorm your study interests

The very first stage before you select and submit a topic proposal for your dissertation is brainstorming. Through brainstorming, you list all the areas in education that fall within your interest and then select one.

  1. Ensure the topic has enough information

A dissertation will contain between 100-300 pages. To fill these pages, you need a topic that has enough areas that you will touch across while writing. Choosing a topic with not much to write will extend the duration of your EdD program.

  1. Ask for help/advice

Don’t think you can’t seek the opinion, advice, and help of others when choosing your dissertation topic. Ask your professor, supervisors, peers, and anyone you can question. By asking for advice and seeking the opinion of others, it helps to inform your dissertation ideas for education.

  1. Choose a solid topic

There’s a difference between interesting and solid. A solid topic helps you develop a compelling abstract. Your dissertation abstracts in education should be able to capture the interest of readers at first sight. A solid topic helps you achieve this because it has a lot of depth.

Dissertation topics in education for PhD students

If you are looking for education topics for a guide, below are helpful dissertation topics for doctorate students in education.

Dissertation topics in early childhood education

  1. The role of teachers in early childhood learning
  2. Regulation of children’s television viewing and how it impacts the education growth
  3. A study of gender differences in preschool and their effect on learning
  4. Empathy as a teaching tool for preschool teachers
  5. How preschool students’ perception of their teacher impacts their learning process
  6. The importance of observation for preschool teachers
  7. Feedback and grading method in lower grade classes and its effect on learning and improvement
  8. The importance of games and simulation as a teaching technique for preschoolers
  9. Exploring the roles preschool teachers have in encouraging the ethical values of their students

Physical education dissertation topics

  1. The importance of physical education in every learning grade
  2. How teachers’ knowledge of physical health impacts students
  3. A study on why schools should prioritize physical health education
  4. A study of the effectiveness of virtual physical education classes
  5. Physical education planning and engagement in learning curriculums
  6. The importance of physical health education on the mental well-being of students
  7. How physical education boosts the learning abilities of students
  8. Why universities and colleges should consider including physical education within their curriculum
  9. How regular recess and school exercise improves the health of both students and teachers

Primary education dissertation titles

  1. The issue of underfunding in elementary schools and how it affects the mode of teaching and learning
  2. Primary Homework: A study of how homework assignments affect primary school pupils
  3. Importance of introducing audio-visual learning and teaching style in primary schools
  4. A look into valuable strategies that can potentially encourage primary school pupils into class participation
  5. How to prepare the most effective and result-driven method of imparting knowledge to elementary school pupils
  6. The potential challenges faced by immigrant pupils in primary schools
  7. A study into the necessary trait embodied by a teacher fit for elementary school teaching
  8. Strategies for quickly enhancing the essential learning skills of primary school pupils
  9. The importance of regular breaks and physical exercises for primary school pupils

Additional education dissertation topics for PhD students

  1. Underfunding of the educational system and how it affects the teaching capacity of teachers
  2. The growth of distance learning and its impact on student learning
  3. A comparative study of online teaching and in-person classes and their effects and benefits on learning
  4. The importance of free education for students in low-income neighborhoods
  5. How the rise of online learning affects students from low-income homes
  6. The rising cost of education and its contribution to bridging the education gap
  7. A comparative study of self-studying and group-studying on college students
  8. Gender issues in the place of learning and how it affects both students and instructors


There are several topics to select from when preparing your education dissertation. When selecting a topic, follow the above tips and use the ideas as helpful guides.

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