Arts Create Success in Business and STEM

Those who receive arts in school are eight times more likely to start a business or own a patent!

STEAM Power Podcast

Check out the STEAM movement around the country. 

A New "STEAM" Portal at EducationCloset

Arts Every Day: Balance/Fibonacci Sequence in Nature

This video takes the principle of balance to the next level! This girl's mind is amazing, and the actual examples she shares going from doodling in math class to counting spirals on natural objects is super cool! My elementary students, yes even the kindergarteners  thought it was amazing. We discovered there is actually order to our world, even in the  flowers.


Make art with 1's and 0's!

Moon Watch with Wondertime Arts Third Graders

Mrs. Schellenberg's third graders are watching an entire lunar cycle keeping an artist journal. They welcome you into their classworld where they ar e reading, writing, and watching the moon. They share great videos, books, and art.  Some countries believe there is a man in the moon, others a rabbit, a woman, and in Peru, a fox! Tell us on our blog-Moon Watching, what you see!

Simple Machines: Science and Arts Integration

Teacher Mr. Duluca has students demonstrate their understanding of simple machines through movement and visual art. Students then create their own simple machine. Video is from Teaching Channel.

Turn STEM into STEAM with Arts Education

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