National Core Arts Standards, Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the new voluntary standards. These have not been adopted by the State of California, but you may want to know more...

Video Series - Learning Through the Arts

Looking for a video with ideas for lessons? This is a fantastic resource of lessons from Canada that integrate the arts into the classroom. The series covers Visual Arts, Dance, Music and Drama as well as Media Arts.

Arts Create Success in Business and STEM

Those who receive arts in school are eight times more likely to start a business or own a patent!

STEAM Power Podcast

Check out the STEAM movement around the country. 

Music Education Could Help Close The Achievement Gap Between Poor And Affluent Students

Closing the achievement gap between low-income and affluent students could be as simple as do-re-mi.

In a study out Tuesday from Northwestern University, researchers looked at the impact of music education on at-risk children’s nervous systems and found that music lessons could help them develop language and reading skills. The study is the first to document the influence of after-school music education on the brains of disadvantaged children, as opposed to affluent children receiving private lessons.

Click the link to read the whole article.

FCOE Innovation Grants

Up to $1,000 can support the arts in your school or classroom. Application deadline is October 2, 2014.

2014-15 FAN Meeting Schedule

Topics and guest speakers for the monthly meetings of the Fresno Arts Network.

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