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Arts Summit Save the Date Flyer
Superintendent Mike Berg speaks at the Superintendent's Rally for the Arts

Superintendent Berg talks about the vision for arts education in Central Unified.

History of Education

This short Kennedy Center video looks at the changes in education as America moved from an agrarian society to an industrial society and then to a global society.

Arts Education in California

Where we are, how'd we get there and what's next?

"The Stranger" Reader's Theatre Presentation

Student's in Chester Goodale's 4th grade class wrote and performed the script explaining their understanding of "inference" and "supporting details" in Chris Van Allsburg's story, "The Stranger."

Superintendent Larry Powell at Rally for the Arts

Superintendent Powell delivers a powerful message about the importance of arts education even during tough economic times.

Right Brain Initiative

This Oregon group is doing great work in the schools. The video is a powerful statement on the importance of arts education in the 21st century.