Arts Every Day TK Binder Materials

This page includes all the material presented at the Transitional Kindergarten workshop for Fresno Unified TK teachers, 2013-14 school year. For questions about content please contact Jennifer Coull at [email protected].

Unit 1 Me and My World

Me and My World Lesson 1

Me and My World Lesson 2

Me and My World Lesson 3

Classroom Instruments- Bashing Trash

Ruff Pupp & Smooth Cat Stick Puppets

Songs for Me and My World

I Can Copy That--With Kim

Unit 2 Holidays and Winter

Holidays and Winter Lesson 1

Holidays and Winter Lesson 2

Holidays and Winter Lesson 3

Images for Beat Board, Holidays and Winter

Songs for Holidays and Winter

Unit 3 Life Science

Life Science Lesson 1

Life Science Lesson 2

Life Science Lesson 3

Songs for Life Science


PRE K-K VAPA Standards.docx