Communication Round

This exercise is especially good for younger students practicing social skills or for English Learners of all ages.  Before I begin the lesson, it is important that the lesson should be demonstrated by using complete sentences for the questions and response.

- Set up students in a large circle (teachers can have a song cue that could put them in a specific order)

-Have students call out either X's or O's. Match each X, with the O on the inside.

-You will have one outer circle and one inner circle, X on outside O on inside.


Arts Every Day: Symmetry of a Butterfly, Grade K

Students use paint to show bilateral symmetry by creating butterflies.

Created by Jennifer Graveline and Paula Zaninovich, Fremont Elementary



Arts Every Day: Recycle, Retool, Repurpose Contest, Merced

This project is designed for an afterschool program that is grades 1st - 5th.  It was designed to incorporate our monthly theme of Recycling.


*Additional materials will be uploaded soon.  

Arts Every Day: What Causes Changes to The Earth's Surface?

What causes changes to the earth's surface?

Big Idea: Earth and its inhabitants are constantly changing

  • Students choose their land change of their choice (quick or slow) and illustrate their drawing, the students then use water colors to shade in their drawing)
  • Students include a descriptive paragraph that entails the causes and effects of the land change that they chose to illustrate.

Created by Rosie Valdez

Arts Every Day: Landforms and Art

How is each landform different from one another? And how do they link to one another.

Students will do a short presentation on one landform of their choice to answer the essential questions.

Second grade science lesson about landforms.

Visual art focus on the seven elements of art. 

Created by Mayra Rodriguez

Arts Every Day: Fandango Puppets

Students created Fandango Puppets of Forest or Rainforest Animals to use as costumes.  They pantomimed animals, then added sounds and scripts to portray animals from the texts, The Forest, The Great Kapok Tree, and Life in the Rainforest.

Written by teachers from Balderas Elementary, FUSD. 


Arts Every Day: Seasons--Painting with Color Pallets

During an ELA/ Science unit on seasons; students learned about warm and cool colors, tints and shades. Then paint their favorite seasons. They write an opinion paragraph defending their choice, and an artist statement explaining their painting.

Written by teachers from SB Anthony, FUSD Cohort 4


Arts Every Day: Interactions Affect Perspective

Enduring Understandings: Perspective is affected by interactions with others.


Arts Every Day: Life Cycle of a Plant

This unit integrates movement and science. Through this unit students will be able to display their understanding of the life cycle of a plant using movement.

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