English/Language Arts

Arts Every Day: Now I'm Big

The students create a piggy back song using the anchor text Now I'm Big.

Created by Fremont kinder teachers. 


Arts Every Day: The Three Bears Blues

Balderas Kindergarten and 1st grade teachers created a lesson integrating ELA and music in the blues style.

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Spoken Word: Creating a Collaborative Poem

Using reader’s theatre, students will perform a collaborative poem that demonstrates their understanding of composition in painting and in writing. 

This lesson was presented by Jennifer Coull, jcoull@fcoe.org at the FCOE Summer Academy, July 31, 2014.


Communication Round

This exercise is especially good for younger students practicing social skills or for English Learners of all ages.  Before I begin the lesson, it is important that the lesson should be demonstrated by using complete sentences for the questions and response.

- Set up students in a large circle (teachers can have a song cue that could put them in a specific order)

-Have students call out either X's or O's. Match each X, with the O on the inside.

-You will have one outer circle and one inner circle, X on outside O on inside.


Arts Every Day: Holes and Cubism, Grade 5

Students demonstrated their understanding of cubism, geometry, and Holes through a book club packet, and a cubism portrait with a writing piece based on a four point rubric.

Students first build skills through the 7 elements of Arts Journals from the AED binder alternating with a "Book Club" reading, writing, listening and speaking packet process, and then have the final culminating assessment of their understanding through integrating cubism, geometry (math unit), and writing piece.


Arts Every Day: Symmetry of a Butterfly, Grade K

Students use paint to show bilateral symmetry by creating butterflies.

Created by Jennifer Graveline and Paula Zaninovich, Fremont Elementary



Arts Every Day: The Art Lesson, Grade 2

Integrated Outcome: Students will be able to replicate a drawing from the story "The Art Lesson" from Theme 6 of HM. Students can also write about Tommy's feelings throughout the story.

Test used: Reading Anthology 2.2 second grade

Lesson written by: Maria S. Cortez 2nd grade teacher

Before reading the story, you can make a K-W-H-L chart with the students, ask text dependent questions after reading the story.

You can also plan a fieldtrip to a museum after reading the story and after talking about art and artists.


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Arts Every Day: Narrative Reading - Upside Down Day

Children pantomimed the story "Upside Down Day" while I read it aloud.

Written by: Andrea Castro, Plainsburg Assests Program, Merced

Arts Every Day: Zeus

Written by Cynthia Cassady and Amber Spielman Merced Ca

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