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Spoken Word: Creating a Collaborative Poem

Using reader’s theatre, students will perform a collaborative poem that demonstrates their understanding of composition in painting and in writing. 

This lesson was presented by Jennifer Coull, [email protected] at the FCOE Summer Academy, July 31, 2014.


Communication Round

This exercise is especially good for younger students practicing social skills or for English Learners of all ages.  Before I begin the lesson, it is important that the lesson should be demonstrated by using complete sentences for the questions and response.

- Set up students in a large circle (teachers can have a song cue that could put them in a specific order)

-Have students call out either X's or O's. Match each X, with the O on the inside.

-You will have one outer circle and one inner circle, X on outside O on inside.


Arts Every Day: Narrative Reading - Upside Down Day

Children pantomimed the story "Upside Down Day" while I read it aloud.

Written by: Andrea Castro, Plainsburg Assests Program, Merced

Arts Every Day: Plant Perfect

What are the parts of plants and what jobs do they do?

Written by Megan Camarda and Cindi Ragus from Le Grand Elementary, April 2014

Learn Vocabulary:  pantomime, tableau, monologue, line, shape, medium

Learn plant parts, plant stages, and job of each plant part.

Performance art (PA) :Create and perform a scene that includes a pantomime, tableau, and monologue explaining the plant parts and the jobs.

Visual art (VA): Create a pictorial showing the stages of plant growth, and label the plant parts. Present pictorial to the group.

Lesson Plan Attachment: 

Arts Every Day: Recycle, Retool, Repurpose Contest, Merced

This project is designed for an afterschool program that is grades 1st - 5th.  It was designed to incorporate our monthly theme of Recycling.


*Additional materials will be uploaded soon.  

Arts Every Day: Fandango Puppet - St. Patrick's Day

Why do we celebrate so many days of the year?

Written by Andrea Castro, Plainsburg Assets Program

•Students will learn the beginning skills of puppetry•Students will collaborate with classmates•Students will use imagination to create their puppet•Students will assess their work using a rubric•Students will work with different colored paper and different drawing utensils


Arts Every Day: What Causes Changes to The Earth's Surface?

What causes changes to the earth's surface?

Big Idea: Earth and its inhabitants are constantly changing

  • Students choose their land change of their choice (quick or slow) and illustrate their drawing, the students then use water colors to shade in their drawing)
  • Students include a descriptive paragraph that entails the causes and effects of the land change that they chose to illustrate.

Created by Rosie Valdez

Arts Every Day: The Animals are Coming

Students will listen to different animal sounds and compare them they will then create a movement that matches a specific animal and its musical sound using Saint-Saens “Carnival of the Animals”

Text:  Saint-Saens " Carnival of the Animals"

Lesson written by: Charla Pierson


Lesson Plan Attachment: 
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