Arts Integration

Video Series - Learning Through the Arts

Looking for a video with ideas for lessons? This is a fantastic resource of lessons from Canada that integrate the arts into the classroom. The series covers Visual Arts, Dance, Music and Drama as well as Media Arts.

STEAM Power Podcast

Check out the STEAM movement around the country. 

Arts Every Day Video

Check out the exciting arts integration training offered by the Fresno County Office of Education!

2014-15 FAN Meeting Schedule

Topics and guest speakers for the monthly meetings of the Fresno Arts Network.

Arts Every Day: Balance/Fibonacci Sequence in Nature

This video takes the principle of balance to the next level! This girl's mind is amazing, and the actual examples she shares going from doodling in math class to counting spirals on natural objects is super cool! My elementary students, yes even the kindergarteners  thought it was amazing. We discovered there is actually order to our world, even in the  flowers.

Arts at the Core: Opportunities for Arts Integration, Grades K-12

This new document shows clear connection between Arts standards and Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts. For each ELA anchor standard, many strategies for integration with dance, music, theatre and visual arts are suggested.

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