TFYA presents The Bully Plays

The Bully Plays

"Sticks and stones may break my bones but names can never hurt me" ...NOT! The Bully Plays are touching, imaginative, powerful, uplifting and funny. These five short plays will challenge, inspire and enlighten audiences and help confront the issue of bullying in a constructive and creative way.

Each spring, Fresno State students enroll in a course to tour children's theatre productions to elementary and middle schools throughout the San Joaquin Valley. This Theatre for Young Audiences (TFYA) company of student actors has been a tradition at Fresno State for over 45 years, and we have toured to more than 40 schools and over 16,000 children in a single season.

Financial assistance is available through our Adopt-A-School program.

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The five plays comprising this one-hour production are:
A Bully There Be
by Lisa Dillman
(about the bully kid in a fairy tale form)

by Ernie Nolan
(about facing the monster of fear)

Nobody Nose (The Trouble I’ve Seen)
by Barry Kornhauser
(about being different)

Here Be Dragons
by Doug Cooney
(about name calling)

A Bunch of Clowns
by Sandra Fenichel Asher
(about a bossy person in charge bullying to make friends)