Recently Added Lesson Plans

Arts Every Day: Family/Self Portrait

Essential Questions: What makes a family a family? Who am I?

Students will  paint a self-portrait and their family members using water colors focusing on lines and form. Students will different colors to paint family as well....


Culture and Tradition

Landscape collage using complementary colors and primary tempura paint

3rd grade

Vardine Adjinian and Miranda Lockton

Anthony Elementary

Incorporating Drama or play into learning the process (of school) helps kids feel connected to the campus and empowered. Our students already know how to play so we tap into that with lessons attached that gives higher thinking.


Arts Every Day: Building Identity Through Ancient Civilizations

Integrated Outcome:

In groups, students will create a culture flag that represents one of the 3 ancient civilizations (Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, or Ancient China) and give a presentation on their culture flag.


Students will create an original piece of art representing the theme: I have a dream, then and now in order to show how people’s choices can affect their world. Students will include an artist statement explaining their artwork. 


Arts Every Day: The First Americans

Students were responsible for selecting a picture they liked about one native tribe, they each created pictures of their own to show their understanding about the life of the early Natives in America.

The final Performance Task was that...

 5TH Grade Intergrated lessons with Social Studies, Language Arts.This unit was developed in the Arts Everyday workshop.  

Arts Every Day: Stone Age Tools/ Achievements

This unit was based on the 6th grade curriculum for ancient civilizations and ELA.  Using the CC ELA Standards and Visual and Performing Arts Standards, students demonstrated their knowledge and skills of early humans,...

Arts Every Day: Ready, Set, Move!

Students will be able to listen attentively to a story and act it out using sound and gesture to understand what the body can do. Students will be able to pantomime the actions from an informational story and write complete sentences by utilizing...

Arts Every Day: Jump Down Turn Around

Encorporate music, dance, reading and history with an African American Traditional Work Song.  Pictures and video of students preparing for this unit and also singing the song are in the correlating power point which is listed as a resource...

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