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Arts Every Day: The Art Lesson, Grade 2

Integrated Outcome: Students will be able to replicate a drawing from the story "The Art Lesson" from Theme 6 of HM. Students can also write about Tommy's feelings throughout the story.

Test used: Reading Anthology 2.2 second grade


Arts Every Day: Narrative Reading - Upside Down Day

Children pantomimed the story "Upside Down Day" while I read it aloud.

Written by: Andrea Castro, Plainsburg Assests Program, Merced

Arts Every Day: Zeus

Written by Cynthia Cassady and Amber Spielman Merced Ca

Summary: This two-week unit starts off with questions to access student background information on Zeus. Students will build on their knowledge of...

Zeus by Cynthia Cassady and Amber Spielman Merced CA

This two-week unit starts off with questions to access student background information on Zeus.  Students will build on their knowledge of ancient Greece, and explore the different portrayals of the god Zeus.  They have the...

Arts Every Day: Plant Perfect

What are the parts of plants and what jobs do they do?

Written by Megan Camarda and Cindi Ragus from Le Grand Elementary, April 2014

Learn Vocabulary:  pantomime, tableau, monologue, line, shape, medium

Learn plant parts...

Arts Every Day: Recycle, Retool, Repurpose Contest, Merced

This project is designed for an afterschool program that is grades 1st - 5th.  It was designed to incorporate our monthly theme of Recycling.


*Additional materials will be uploaded soon.  

Arts Every Day: Fandango Puppet - St. Patrick's Day

Why do we celebrate so many days of the year?

Written by Andrea Castro, Plainsburg Assets Program

•Students will learn the beginning skills of puppetry•Students will collaborate with classmates•Students will use imagination to...

With a partner, students will create a Fandango puppet to represent a mask that was used in  one of the three Civilizations in the Early Americas (Maya, Aztec, or Inca) and give a small presentation about their mask. Students will also write...

Arts Every Day: Visual Art and CCSS Integrated Lesson for Ranger Docket

Story "Ranger Docket" from HM

Lesson Written by Maria Cortez

This lesson can be used for a trip to a river or lake.

•S.W.B.A.T. identify warm and cool colors on the color wheel, in nature and the environment.•S.W.B.A.T....

Arts Every Day: What Causes Changes to The Earth's Surface?

What causes changes to the earth's surface?

Big Idea: Earth and its inhabitants are constantly changing

  • Students choose their land change of their choice (quick or slow) and illustrate their drawing, the students then use...