Recently Added Lesson Plans

Arts Every Day: Poetry Come Alive! Model Theatre Unit

Students will recognize and apply figurative language to create and perform a Curriculum Based Readers Theatre script that demonstrates how language creates tone and meaning.

Optional for lower grades: Students explain spelling patterns/...

Arts Every Day: Powerful Observers Model VA Unit

Students will become powerful observers by doing close observation of the work of a master artist, creating an original watercolor landscape inspired by that artist.  Students will also include an artist statement that includes detailed...

Arts Every Day: Performing a Classroom Song and Dance

Music and Dance Syllabication and Rhythm

This is Unit Two of a year long exploration of the effects of music and dance on literacy.  Unit One focused mostly on music, and Unit Two is building upon...

Arts Every Day: Producers and Consumers

The Unit was created by 2nd grade teachers: Sarah Albrecht, Esmeralda Marquez and Lisa Vanoni from Edison Bethune

In this unit, students explored and learned about consumers and producers. The end product was creating an animal fandango...

Arts Every Day: How Do You Feel?

This is a PowerPoint presentation of examples of student work from the "How Do You Feel?" unit. There are examples from 4 different TK and K teachers. 

Arts Every Day: Singin' the Main Idea Blues

Students will work in groups to compose and sing an original song that draws from their own chosen main idea and supporting details.  Katherine Penner with Edison Bethune Charter Academy - third grade.  This unit...

Arts Every Day: The Three Bears

Students will explore the essential question: How do we show feelings with out bodies?  Students will read (listen to) "The Three Bears".  Students will explore how different characters feel in the story.  Students will...

Arts Every Day: Life Cycle of a Plant

This unit integrates movement and science. Through this unit students will be able to display their understanding of the life cycle of a plant using movement.

Arts Every Day: Blues Festival at Kerman-Floyd

This unit integrates ELA, Math, History and Music. Students will listen and learn how to write their own 12 bar blues song.

Arts Every Day: Expressing Friendship through Song

Students will work in a group to determine the theme or main idea of a text. Students read stories in class that had a theme of friendship expressed in different ways. Students then listened and sang different songs from various culturals...