New Study Shows Arts Integration Boosts CCSS Skills

In 2011, the Mississippi Arts Commission commissioned the Mississippi State University Stennis Institute to do a study of the Whole Schools Initiative (WSI). This two year study examined the impact that arts integration has on the academic performance of 4,275 students enrolled in Mississippi public elementary schools and 1,172 students enrolled in Catholic elementary schools that are currently participating in the Mississippi Arts Commission’s Whole Schools Initiative. Analysis of student performance on standardized tests was conducted using the 2010-2011 data from the Mississippi Department of Education.

This study found the percentage of students scoring “Proficient or Above” on standardized Language Arts and Mathematics Mississippi Curriculum Tests, Grade 4 Mississippi Writing Assessment Tests, and 5th Grade Mississippi Science Tests was significantly higher at schools participating in the Whole Schools Initiative that had effectively implemented the WSI integration model when compared to student performance statewide and when compared to district level student performance for the school district within which the WSI school was located.