Arts Every Day FUSD Cohort 8

Welcome Fresno Unified Cohort 8 teachers!

On this page you will find the syllabus and any other material specific to your cohort. For questions about content please contact Jennifer Coull at or 559.265.3098 x3285.


Any Given Child

FUSD Arts, Literacy and Achievement - Lesson Plans Aligned with Houghton Miflin


TK Songs for Music and Dance, MP3

Dance Journal FUSD 8, 2014.pptx

Checklist for Reporting Out.docx

Checklist for Reporting out - Sample.docx

The Blues: Third grade PPT

Report on Effects of Dance

Links to Cultural Dances.docx

Music by Kitaro - Bell Tower

Merengue Music

African Percussion for Dinhe Dance

Music for Virginia Reel

Dance Etiquette Handout

Sample Dance Rubric - Cultural Dances

Video - Sample Dance Lesson (Goes over Body and Movement Terms)

Day 4 Presenter's PPT

Arts Integration Definition



Character Counts Blues

The Three Bears Blues

Now I'm Big, Piggyback Song