Arts Every Day FUSD Cohort 8

Welcome Fresno Unified Cohort 8 teachers!

On this page you will find the syllabus and any other material specific to your cohort. For questions about content please contact Jennifer Coull at [email protected] or 559.265.3098 x3285.


Any Given Child

FUSD Arts, Literacy and Achievement - Lesson Plans Aligned with Houghton Miflin


TK Songs for Music and Dance, MP3

Dance Journal FUSD 8, 2014.pptx

Checklist for Reporting Out.docx

Checklist for Reporting out - Sample.docx

The Blues: Third grade PPT

Report on Effects of Dance

Links to Cultural Dances.docx

Music by Kitaro - Bell Tower

Merengue Music

African Percussion for Dinhe Dance

Music for Virginia Reel

Dance Etiquette Handout

Sample Dance Rubric - Cultural Dances

Video - Sample Dance Lesson (Goes over Body and Movement Terms)

Day 4 Presenter's PPT

Arts Integration Definition



Character Counts Blues

The Three Bears Blues

Now I'm Big, Piggyback Song