Arts Every Day for Colusa COE Cohort 1

Welcome Colusa COE Cohort 1 teachers!

On this page you will find the syllabus and any other material specific to your cohort. For questions about content please contact Jennifer Coull at [email protected] or 559.265.3098 X3285.


How to upload a unit to teacharts

Arts at the Core

Crayola, Championing the 4 C's

Arts Literacy and Achievement Integrated Lesson Plans (Fresno Unifies) Grades K-6

Free Publishing site

Add Voice to Powerpoints

Day 1-3 Additional Information

Powerpoint - Collaborative Poem - Pyramids of Geezah

MLK - Portraits Lesson

Arts Integration Acronyms.docx

 Powerpoint - Charles Tiger

Sample Teacher Presentations From Previous Cohorts

Eric Carle Head To Toe Lesson Plan (Ready, Set, Move!)

7 Elements of Visual Arts for 2nd grade

Lon Po Po.pptx